Here are your most frequently ask questions

A pre-authorization letter from your insurer is required for private insurance, national insurance, and workers compensation insurance, before using our transportation service.

We do not provide services directly to Medicaid patients.  You would need to contact your designated broker.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to contact our office to share your thoughts and experience. 

No!  Please contact us ONLY when your appointment is complete and we will immediately dispatch a driver for your return. If we arrive and you are not ready, causing our driver to leave, it can possibly lead to a longer wait time.

Our drivers most likely will have other stops to make, drivers will return once your appointment is complete. Out-of-area transports requiring our driver to wait will incur a “Waiting Fee.”

Yes, absolutely. To ensure your safety, we are a door-through-door service. This means we will take you from inside your residence to inside your appointment.

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